Christopher Graeve is currently the founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Information Officer of RE-build Properties and Christopher Robin Real Estate. Christopher enjoys helping others reach their goals in the real estate investment industry.



Christopher Graeve has a robust background in residential real estate investment, which spans over two decades of leadership roles and thousands of successful transactions. Christopher was groomed for this field at an early age as he assimilated a wealth of knowledge from his father who was a veteran broker in Palm Beach County for almost 40 years. This combination of experience and knowledge avails Christopher a long range of sight into the residential real estate market and has earned him a reputation as an eminent leader in the industry. Market savvy, particularly in the South Florida and Palm Beach County region, a keen eye on current trends, and an insightful perspective of changes in the pipeline conjoin to provide Christopher with a vantage point to pave the way for success.

Christopher Graeve is a graduate of the Palm Beach Atlantic University Computer Information Systems Program. In 2003, he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology. As the integration of real estate, finance and technology continues to advance, Christopher’s technical proficiency and real estate prowess gives him an edge up in understanding the potential opportunities for marketing and promotion to increase return on investment.

As the owner and co-founder of Prodigy Capital, Inc., the market growth and expansion experienced since the company’s founding in 2010 is a credit to Christopher’s vision and strategy. He spearheaded the implementation of his business model, which was framed around the purchase and sale of properties primarily through cash auctions and resale. As a result, the organization in its size and reach became a top ten in the residential real estate investment industry.

Christopher Graeve established Re-build Properties and Christopher Robin Real Estate in 2017. This venture entails a unique version of the fix-and-flip investment model, augmented to encompass seven primary Florida regions. He created the vision, built a strategy and developed a partnership with specialized experts in property acquisition, real estate, investment, marketing, technology, construction, funding and operations.


  • May 13, 2019

    Chief Executive Officer and Chief Information Officer at RE-build Properties and Christopher Robin Real Estate

    September 2017 - Present, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    In his executive leadership role as CEO and CIO, Christopher Graeve has the overarching responsibility for investor relations, capital funding and procurement decisions, long-term visionary thinking and positioning the organization for unfettered growth. Partnership with capital and a team of cross-industry experts is the beacon of this organization’s success

  • May 13, 2019

    Owner and Co-Founder of Prodigy Capital, Inc.

    January 2010 - September 2017, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    Christopher Graeve was at the helm of this real estate investment firm, providing oversight to satisfy a vital real estate need in the community while driving return on investment results. He contributed to the revival of the economic landscape of the local neighborhoods and environs, joining forces with membership organizations in Palm Beach and nearby counties.

  • May 13, 2019

    Real Estate Aggregator at We Buy Ugly Houses HomeVestors

    January 2007 - December 2008, West Palm Beach, Florida

    Christopher Graeve was responsible for real estate aggregate services, serving homeowners who either had an urgent need to expedite the sale of their homes or were facing problematic home sale situations related to issues such as fire damage or water damage.

  • May 13, 2019

    Chris Gets His Start

    2000, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    Christopher Graeve buys his first house from Suntrust bank and remodels it himself during the summer of college doing such things as laying sod, scraping wallpaper and painting the house himself.

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