Kid Sanctuary and Prodigy Capital

Christopher Graeve is CEO/CIO of RE-build Properties and Christopher Robin Real Estate, and also co-founded Prodigy Capital. Integral to the core values of both organizations is charity work, which includes support for such organizations as KidSanctuary Campus.

Support for KidSanctuary Campus

When Prodigy Capital opened its new location at Downtown at the Gardens, they decided to celebrate their grand opening with a fundraiser to secure financial support for this not-for-profit organization. Their mission is to offer a safe home to children in unsuitable foster homes where they suffer abuse, abandonment and neglect. Prodigy Properties stepped in to host an elegant affair, which included over 200 guests. The generosity of these guests resulted in raising over $16,000.

Sponsors included local businesses in cosmetic surgery, salon treatments, beauty makeovers, hair care and nutrition. Catered cuisine, cocktails, music, photos and even an auction ensured a good time was had by all. Founder and president, Connie M. Frankino, extended her heartwarming gratitude for the success of the event and for the commitment to an entity that provides a safe haven for children to begin the healing process.

About KidSanctuary Campus

KidSanctuary Campus is located in Palm Beach County, Florida. Through their assiduous efforts, children who are victims of abuse, neglect or dereliction in Florida's foster care system have a place where they can receive 24-hour care and shelter. Qualified, well-vetted and caring foster parents are brought in to raise and comfort these victims, engendering a sense of security and consistency. Sadly, this safe and structured setting may be a first for these children who have only known life in a toxic environment up to this point. The nurturing continues until they are able to reunite with their family or be adopted into a new loving, home.

Connie M. Frankino is the founder of this charitable group, establishing a beacon of hope for these neglected children. She developed this safe space in the form of a family-style campus, starting with one cottage and expanding to accommodate more. Debra Tornaben is president of KidSanctuary Campus, well-suited to this position given her lifetime advocacy of children and education. She encourages the community to become ambassadors of this organization to make a life-changing difference for children who have been forgotten.

RE-build Properties

Chris Graeve founded RE-build properties in 2017 with a vision of a revolutionary real estate flip model. The underlying premise is relationship building with real estate professionals and investors while purchasing discounted houses. Christopher Graeve touts a strong network of mavens with expertise in property acquisition, real estate investment, promotion, technology, new construction and finance.

The business model consists of a three-phase acquisition that focuses on marketing, data gathering and a dual-track property creation path. Operational metrics include accuracy of time and budget estimates, profitability for each house, and total quarterly profit. Key to the success of RE-build are an outstanding team of professionals with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and the promotion of core values that help others financially and spiritually.

From Prodigy Capital through RE-build, Christopher Graeve continues his mission to support charities like KidSanctuary Campus. Feel free to contact Christopher Graeve to discuss RE-build services or to find out how you too can be a champion for KidSanctuary Campus and other charities he supports.

See Christopher Graeve's bio to learn more about his personal history and vision for the future.