About Financial Grace

Financial Grace is a faith-based organization that grants funds to relieve individuals and families of personal debt. This support extends beyond no-interest loans to education, coaching and spiritual support designed to teach, promote and reinforce financial discipline. Christopher Graeve serves with financialgraceministries.com to help others achieve financial freedom.


Financial Grace has a clear mission statement: Free financial captives from their monetary debt burden. A financial captive is described as a Christian devotee whose belief cascades to a yearning to give tithes and offerings back to God but is held back because of insurmountable consumer debt.

In conjunction with removing this burden, Financial Grace applies the concept of God's grace; extends the full support of the church through supervision, accountability and encouragement; and provides instruction on how to accept accountability for personal finances in accordance with God's ways.

Free educational assistance is provided to Christian believers in the form of online seminars that teach the distinction between freedom and slavery in terms of fiscal responsibility and debt. Budgetary matters are taught from the perspective of the scripture and biblical principles. Following the introductory seminar, Christian believers are eligible to apply for the Grace program, which encompasses financial training and debt eradication actions. There are two paths Financial Grace can take to rid a Christian believer of debt: Interest-free loan or a direct payoff to the lender(s).

The values Christopher Graeve lives by are very much aligned to the mission statement set forth by Financial Grace.


Eligibility requirements are purposeful: To mitigate future financial risks, drive financial accountability and incite healthy pecuniary practices. A completed application is required, which includes personal background and financial information. Additionally, the pastor or church leader must sign a statement affirming the requirements are met. Annually, a signed Training Continuation Form must be submitted to confirm compliance.

The Grace Program requires the applicant to be an openly declared Christian devoted to biblical principles; agree with the Statement of Faith as delineated by Financial Grace; attend church for three of the four weeks of each month, health and weather permitting; maintain that Christians are to shoulder each other's burdens; forbear from drug abuse; agree to be faithful within marriage; strictly adhere to traditional marriage; practice the belief that the body is a temple; and agree to submit any disputes with fellow Christians to fellow believers rather than the judicial system.


The determination of eligible candidates for a grant or loan entails reviewing the initial application; analyzing the feasibility of adherence to a monthly budget covering essential payments with money remaining to pay down the principle; creating a budget that reduces or removes unnecessary lifestyle expenses; conducting an audit to ensure compliance, initially biweekly and then monthly; and providing feedback supported by prayer and spiritual guidance.


The curriculum takes the student on a learning journey to include Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace; Robert Morris' Blessed Life Series; and George Mueller's one-hour YouTube documentary and study into his life of faith. Additionally, there are three segments by Earl Pitts: His book, "Wealth Riches and Money"; Closing Your Circle; and Walking in Financial Freedom.

Grace and forgiveness are the cornerstones of Christianity, a primary reason why financialgraceministries.com is so important to Chris Graeve.