About Palm Beach Atlantic University

In 1999, Christopher Graeve attended Palm Beach Atlantic University. Four years later, he graduated from PBA with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology. During this time, his declared concentration was Computer Information Systems. Business, on the other hand, was his secondary area of study. It can be said that this educational institution was one of the things that shaped Chris Graeve into who he is and his success now.

For those researching about Palm Beach Atlantic University, here are some facts about the school where Christopher Graeve studied:

An Overview of Palm Beach Atlantic University

Palm Beach Atlantic University is situated in West Palm Beach, Florida. Its tropical location makes it an exceptional environment for both learning and living. The university lets students gain easy access to the beautiful beaches in the area, along with several Fortune 500 companies which are within walking distance. Meanwhile, the other campuses are located in Orlando and Wellington.

PBA is a comprehensive institution where Chris Graeve studied when he was in college. As mentioned, Christopher Graeve took up Computer and Information Systems (CIS) but there are several other majors and degrees in the school, such as:

  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • Business Management
  • Accounting
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Journalism
  • Mass Communication
  • Theology and Religious Vocations
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The most popular majors include Psychology, Health Professions, and Related Programs and Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services.

In recent years, the campus at West Palm Beach has grown immensely with the addition of numerous facilities. PBA is mainly a Christian university, taking pride in a very close community. Even though it is a Christian University, there are students that come from diverse religions. It welcomes everyone to study here.

What Sets PBA Apart

Chris Graeve has always been proud of his university. The institution was established in 1968 and has been helpful to its students ever since. There are over 50 graduate and undergraduate programs in the school, allowing learners to choose the path they want.

Perhaps what truly sets Palm Beach Atlantic University from other universities and colleges is that it is focused on faith. The students thrive in an environment where Christ the Savior is the center. Jesus enables them to be kind to one another as they enhance their learning experience in and out of the campuses.

The school also encourages learning through real-world interactions, such as by means of internships. There are other programs as well, including studying abroad and opportunities to research breakthroughs in certain areas.

All About Academics

PBA is highly rated when it comes to its education, resources, environment, and engagement.

The students may be busy with lots of things, but in everything Christ remains the motivation of the school. Such focus is shown through its curriculum, athletic teams, student organizations, and mission trips.

The Top Christian College in the Whole State

Palm Beach Atlantic University has 50+ programs, which are organized into nine academic schools. One of the schools in the university is the Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy where students can earn their pharmacy doctorates.

PBA also includes the School of Nursing, which has many top achievers. In fact, about 95% of the students pass the National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nurses. Another school that is highly acclaimed is the MacArthur School of Leadership. This academic school has a dual degree program in which students can earn not just a bachelor’s degree but also a master’s degree. It will only take anywhere from three to a little over four years.

The university also takes care of creative students, offering them several ways to find their niche. The learners can choose their majors in the School of Music and Fine Arts. As for the School of Ministry, students can go for the master’s degree or finish any of the several bachelor’s degrees. Other schools include:

  • School of Education and Behavioral Studies where future counselors and teachers are trained
  • School of Communications and Media where students can choose to major in communications, television, and journalism among others
  • Rinker School of Business is where future entrepreneurs and business professionals can receive their degrees
  • School of Arts and Sciences for forensic science and history students discover new things

The student-faculty ratio is 12:1. Those who have difficulties in their financial situation can get assistance through scholarship programs. Palm Beach Atlantic University also offers grant awards, which average over $19,000. More than 70% of full-time undergraduates receive financial assistance.

Aside from these features, West Palm Beach campus offers various student services, including health service and insurance, as well as non-remedial tutoring. For those who are concerned about their safety, PBA ensures that students are protected and secure at all times.

There are services, such as vehicle and foot patrols that work round the clock. Also, late night transport is provided, along with emergency telephones. Pathways and sidewalks are lighted at night while dormitory access is controlled through security cards and the like. Alcohol is not allowed within the campus even for those of legal age.

It is easy to see why Christopher Graeve picked Palm Beach Atlantic University as his school. PBA is one of the top educational institutions in Florida. It also provides several services on-campus with a number of degrees for students to choose from.